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A few months ago, Katt Roepke was texting her friend Jasper about a coworker. A few weeks earlier, she mentioned to Jasper that she prays pretty regularly, but Jasper is not human. Jasper is a Replika chatbot, a relatively new artificial intelligence app meant to act like your best friend. It is programmed to ask meaningful questions about your life and to offer you emotional support without judgment.

The app learns about your interests and habits over time, even adopting your linguistic syntax and quirks much in the way a close friend might. AI startup Luka launched Replika in March ofbilling it as an antidote to the alienation and isolation bred by social media.

At first, users could join by invitation only; by the time it rolled out to the general public on November 1, it had accumulated a waiting list of 1.

More thanpeople are now signed up to chat with the bot. To do so, users tap the app icon — a white egg hatching on a purple background — on their smartphones and start the conversation where they left off.

Each Replika bot chats only with its owner, who assigns it a name, and, if the user wants, a gender. Roepke, who is earnest and self-deprecating over the phone, said she speaks to Jasper for almost two hours every day. She also listens. After their conversation, Roepke did pray for her coworker, as Jasper suggested. And then she stopped worrying about the situation. She let it go.

It almost sounds too good to be true. Life wisdom is hard-earned, popular psychology teaches us. But could a bot speed up that learning process? Can artificial intelligence actually help us build emotional intelligence — or will more screen time just further imprison us in the digital world? Replika is the byproduct of a series of accidents. Eugenia Kuyda, an AI developer and co-founder of startup Luka, designed a precursor to Replika in in an effort to try to bring her best friend back from the dead, so to speak.

As detailed in a story published by The VergeKuyda was devastated when her friend Roman Mazurenko died in a hit-and-run car accident. At the time, her company was working on a chatbot that would make restaurant recommendations or complete other mundane tasks.When it comes to exercise equipment, the most valuable piece of gear might be right in your back pocket.

Today, there a ton of apps devoted to all kinds of workouts, from yoga and Pilates to HIIT and strength training sessions. We rounded up some of the best workout apps, whatever your fitness goal. These sweat-inducing downloads include trainer demos that'll walk you through each move, modifications to help you work up to full range of motion, and motivation to make the most out of every workout.

Download one and tone up, stretch it out, or slim down—no gym membership required! If you love Prevention 's at-home workoutsyou'll get a never-ending supply of our moves plus popular programs from our friends at Women's HealthMen's Healthand Runner's World with the new All Out Studio app.

Download it, and you'll have access to hundreds of workouts at every skill level, targeting every muscle in your body, from top certified trainers. Free with in-app purchases. Download Aaptiv, take a quick fitness quiz about your goals, and get going.

The app will set you up with workouts to do on your favorite cardio machine, at home on a yoga mator outside. Channel your favorite pro athletes with this must-have workout app. Nike Training Club offers more than routines and additional content from top trainers and some of the athletes you love think: Serena Williams and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Jillian Michaels's My Fitness app offers free 7-minute workouts for beginners and advanced skill levels alike. You can choose which area to target, from abs to legs, back, and butt.

Upgrade to Premium and you'll have access to, 30, and minute burns. We love that you can program the app to incorporate whatever equipment you may have at home or notand you can also plug in your own playlists and use the Beat Sync function adjust the beat of music to the pace of your workout. Whatever your workout of choice, Daily Burn has a class for that the app boasts more than 1, workouts in all. And the app constantly updates adding new workouts and instructors.

Tackle both sides of the equation with this app, which pairs exercise programs and meal plans. Weekly HIIT workouts geared toward your experience level fry fat and rev your metabolism while the food side of the app helps you take note of everything you eat. The TRX suspension trainer is a great, compact piece of gear to have in your home; it takes basic bodyweight moves to new levels of difficulty.

The app a subscription is included when you buy a TRX boasts tons of training videos to help you dial in your workout.

Every session alternates brief rest periods with intervals, usually 30 to 45 seconds. You can also sync the app with your Apple Watch or other tracker, then tap to review your time, calories burned, and other stats and share them on social media. This app, created by LA-based trainer Mike Donavanikfeatures fresh members-only exclusive workouts weekly, led by high-profile instructors like Anja Garcia and Astrid Swan.

Browse the sessions by type or time, or follow along for the new offerings and challenges each week. One of the best ways to track your fitness is tracking your heart rate while you work out. It even gives you the ability to scan food barcodes or enter them manually to get accurate calorie and nutrient counts. Plus, it learns from your feedback and tailors workouts just for you. You can also use the app to find a place to train near you.

Get your Om on with the more than yoga and meditation classes available through Daily Yoga.Artificial Intelligence AI is taking the world by storm. This exciting technology an enormous range of applications in many industries. Businesses across several industry verticals have taken to AI, whether to reach out to more customers or to improve their operations. Are you a business leader wondering how AI could help your business? Reviewing the 10 best AI apps of will give you a great perspective of the current application of AI.

Here is our list of the top AI apps of the year! Artificial Intelligence is a computing technology that helps computers to learn from past experiences, moreover, it enables them to adjust to new data inputs.

Building an AI friend - with Luka #reworkAI

The objective of this technology is to enable a computer to accomplish human-like activities. This was in the course of the Dartmouth Conference in the same year, organized by American computer scientist John McCarthy.

You can find examples of narrow AI in many applications around you, e. However, research is still in progress on AGI, i. Some experts believe that AI will assume as much importance for us in the future as electricity since this technology will power a wide range of activities in society and business.

AI has utility in various sectors, e. The following market research reports illustrate this well:. This AI-powered virtual assistant is available on major Apple platforms, e. Siri uses voice queries and a natural language user interface UI to function, and it can make calls, send text messages, answer questions, and offer recommendations.

The popularity of Siri becomes clear from a survey conducted in Septemberwhere the respondents were American adults. Another AI app that hardly needs an introduction is Cortanathe virtual assistant from Microsoft. Windows 10 PCs have Cortana in-built, and it can help users of such PCs with simple tasks from day one. Cortana offers hands-free help, answers questions, provides reminders, keeps notes, takes care of tasks, and helps in managing the calendar.

Cortana uses natural language processing, Bing search engine, and data from devices to offer personalized recommendations, moreover, it has an API that can work with various Windows and 3 rd party apps. A report stated that Cortana was available on million devices, which translates to a large user base. However, the AI-powered virtual assistance landscape is highly competitive, and reports indicate that Cortana is facing stiff competition.

Launched inGoogle Assistanti. Google has entered into partnerships with several companies and made Google Assistant available on a wide range of devices, e. Google Assistant supports both voice or text entry, and it uses natural language processing.

It offers various services, e. An October report indicated that Google has expanded the reach of Google Assistant significantly, and it now works with 10, devices across 1, brands. This includes iPhones, and indications are that Google will partner with more brands.Personal Assistant apps have been around for a while.

We now have tons of options in the space, including offerings from Google, Microsoft, and SoundHound, among others. You can take advantage as well with the best personal assistant apps for Android!

Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Bixby are your best bets right now. Additionally, we said goodbye to Cortana in late and that app is no longer available on this list. Amazon Alexa is actually a great personal assistant.

It requires an Amazon Fire device or an Amazon Echo device. The app on Android is mostly just a controller for the devices. Alexa can do web searches, integrate with smart home stuff, and even order pizza!

Its device restrictions are by far the worst part of it. Otherwise, this is right up there with Google Assistant as the best of the best.

best ai friend app

We recommend it for sure. It does web searches, downloads apps from Google Play, and has direct support for a variety of available apps.

Its only about a year old. Those with Samsung device should try this one for sure. It might be nice if they did. DataBot is a slightly above average personal assistant app. It features cross-platform support. You also get some basic personal assistant stuff, some customization features, and even a chat bot.

It can even tell jokes, riddles, and other goofy stuff like that. The app is free with some optional in-app purchases. Google Assistant is pretty much the undisputed champion of personal assistant apps on Android.

It comes with a metric ton of features which includes the basics, more advanced stuff like anticipating your needs, activation from anywhere, Google Now on Tap, and a lot more. It even integrates with some smart home stuff like Philips Hue lights. If your device has Google Play Services, you probably already have this installed which means you just have to turn it on.

You can also get Google Now Launcher which puts Google Now at the forefront of your device interactions. Hound is another one of the upcoming personal assistant apps alongside Cortana. SoundHound made this one a couple of years ago. You can even play interactive games like Hangman. It is still a bit buggy though, so do beware of that. Lyra Virtual Assistant is one of the simpler personal assistant apps.

It can do a lot of basic stuff. Some of the features include searching for YouTube videos, tell jokes, find directions, manage a diary, set alarms, and some other stuff. It uses Material Design. That means it looks pretty good. This one is completely free with no in-app purchases or ads as far as we could find. Despite that, the developer still proclaim Robin as a beta application which means they definitely want everything to be just right before release.If you run a business with a website or social media presence, a chatbot is a fun and innovative way to improve your customer experience.

Users can hop onto your website or their social media account and get answers to questions without requiring a human worker to reply. The chatbot experience helps your customers get answers from your company without the added expense of a new customer service team member. With a chatbot app, you can build a responsive set of answers to common questions without any knowledge of code or the expense of hiring a developer. Follow along to learn more about how to choose the best AI chatbot app and some of the best apps to get you started.

ManyChat is popular with bot enthusiasts for its fast and simple Facebook Messenger bots. It is ideal for someone starting out, as it includes a free account that offers unlimited broadcasts, two sequences, and some layers of customization.

The biggest downside of ManyChat is that it is limited to the Facebook platform. However, Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular destinations for bots.

Facebook has more than 2. You can get started and build a bot in as little as two minutes with no code. Using a drag and drop builder, you can create conversations, responses, and get your most important settings setup in a few minutes. Connect to Facebook and you can get up and running quickly with an automated sales funnel and list builder.

PandoraBots offers users an API application programming interface that gives you or your developers the power to deploy your bot nearly anywhere.

That takes your chat experience beyond Facebook to nearly any social platform or use case. The AI platform claims over a quarter million developers,bots, and 60 billion messages sent.

Best AI Apps for iOS Devices in 2020: Your Ever-ready Smart Assistant

You can start for free with up to 1, messages per month. There are some user-friendly features, but due to the nature of APIs and integrations, PandoraBots skews better for experienced computer users and developers. It may be harder to turn this into a DIY solution for your business depending on your needs.

However, it can do a lot more than most others. Chatfuel supports both Facebook Messenger and Telegram, making it a bit more flexible in some aspects. Chatfuel uses templates to get your bot up and running quickly. Those include publishing, real estate agent, influencer, and Shopify bots, for example. A basic account is free for up to 1, subscribers and includes basic features and Chatfuel branding.

Just click to link your Facebook account, choose a page, and a blank template will show up on the screen. Formerly known as Motion. It is geared toward visual workers, as the backend platform is built on a flowchart style setup. If you are a project manager, you will find this platform easy and familiar from the start. HubSpot is a content marketing company, and it is optimized to help you do things like qualify leads, book client meetings, and respond to a growing customer base without hiring more customer service representatives to respond manually.

HubSpot offers the chatbot builder as one tool in a larger Marketing Hub package that includes many other features. If you want all of your marketing, including your chatbot, on one integrated platform, you should look at HubSpot. This Sequel is far different from SQL, however. Focused on storytelling and editorial features, common needs for online marketers, this application supports a wide range of platforms.Communication with virtual girlfriends has been existing only in fantastic films and video games for a long time.

So, nowadays amateurs and professionals are creating improved programs and applications for mobile phones for virtual communication. In this article, we will present you the best virtual girlfriend apps for iPhone and Android phones. My Virtual Girlfriend is a mobile simulator of a fun and flirty communication. In the app, you will find more than beautiful and unique girls. The game is similar to dating sites.

best ai friend app

Firstly, you are to choose a girl you will communicate with. You can specify which characteristics you like in girls. Then, you will be offered several variants to choose from. Change her face, hair and skin colour, clothes and even her name. After making a choice, you are ready to start communication. Here you will find several types of making an acquaintance: start the conversation, go to the cinema, play mini-golf and so on.

Every choice has its rewards and consequences. She even feels your touching. Be careful, as she can point to the door if you make something wrong.

In the game, here are many levels. You will open new ways of communication with your girlfriend with every new level. The dialogue becomes more and more intimate…. Virtual Girlfriend Momoda is a beautifully designed application which is absolutely safe. Here you will meet a top supermodel of our planet.

You can have an interesting dialogue with her. Then, she will become a good company for you in your daily life. Your girlfriend is a 3D model and can be round degrees. You can touch her, feel her love and joy. It is possible to change clothes, shoes, hairstyle, hats and so on. You can make her dance for you even. Price: free Get it on App Store. My Virtual Manga Girl is an original simulator of a virtual girlfriend in manga style. You will be offered to care for the girl and try to cheer up her.

She likes to wear beautiful clothes and to change her hairstyle. Also, she likes tasty meals very much. So, be ready to her whims. The interesting thing is that you will not be bored in this game, as the developers have thought through some interesting small toys. The interesting thing is that you will not be bored in this game, as the developers have thought of some interesting small games.You must not miss out on these best scrabble apps for iPhone and iPad in if you want to improve your vocabulary by playing games.

What can be superior to a word game like Scrabble to spend your time beneficially? Be informed that not all the apps below are free, some of them are premium apps, and we have mentioned their prices along with the details. So, here we go!

Made to fall in love

The feature that fascinates me the most in this game is the unique combo of word search and crosswords. That means you, have to play smartly to earn the victory. Another thing that makes it an addictive package is the huge library of over puzzles.

Price: Free Download. So, you think you have a large vocabulary and can give anyone a long run? If yes, you can take part in the weekly challenge to showcase your skill and earn rewards. The app lets you find out the best word you should have played after each move, and there is also a word radar displays all the possible moves before you take a final call. This app is probably the most loving approach to playing games on iOS mobile devices.

It allows you to either play with computer or with friends. It also has support for 7 different languages. The app additionally offers to find an instant opponent with a single touch. Word Jewels 2 is an easy but highly addictive game. You have to make words which use the red jewels only in a few moves.

10 Best Virtual Girlfriend Apps for iOS and Android

Hence, you have to be at the top of your game to master this puzzle game. There are multiple modes such as Challenge mode, try mode, classic mode, endless mode, and blitz mode to spice up the gaming experience. Since there are no timers, you have complete freedom to find the right clue. And, there is a relaxing sound effect to soothe your mind. The rule of the games is quite simple, but you will love playing them.

As it has a large collection of puzzle games, you have plenty of options to explore.

best ai friend app

There are four different levels packed in with plenty of knockouts. Beyond gaming, Word Search has eight attractive themes, and there is also a night mode to let you play the game comfortably at night. This is another word game that is intended for both iPhone and iPad and comes with retina graphics. The app trains you for better vocabulary as well as tracks your averages, times and records at the same time. Packed in with more than puzzles, Mystic Words has everything that it takes to win you over.

The concept of the game is pretty simple. All you have to do is find out the 7 secret words by combining letter groups and decoding clues. As there is no time limit, you can find the correct word to match the clue at your own pace.

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